Walking on a rainy day

Walking on a rainy day

9 thoughts on “Walking on a rainy day

    1. Haha!!Thank you very much!!!I kinda like giving them a bit of an artistic expression, I know sometimes you may get confused but for me these places or things inspire me for my work and manipulating these photos is more to express myself rather than showing a scene. Although sometimes the original image itself can be enough so then I prefer to leave it the way it is!:)

      1. Thank you!!
        Basically I am from Greece and UK, at the moment I live in Greece but going back to the UK for more studies..!

      2. I usually spend the year in the UK and my summers in Greece! yeah it’s pretty nice here now! Studied Architecture…that’s why I spend a lot of time walking outside! its so refreshing and inspiring! You are an artist right? I like your blog 🙂

      3. Well, I don´t want to sound pretentious, but I hate name artist. (It´s complicated and I have issues with that word and with artists.)
        I´m painter, than writer and director (in that order.

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